Materials, colours, textures, shapes, combinations. Today’s fashion is brave, proud and influencers are all about it. Meet the personalities of the international scene who dictate the fashion of the moment.

Are you searching for new ideas and inspirations? Do you want to follow new personalities and discover cosmopolitan styles? Meet 10 of the best fashion influencers on Instagram.

From France to South Korea, from Brazil to Japan, we personally hand-picked them for you among the ones we follow closely! Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram to keep up to date with their latest ideas.

Mariano Di Vaio


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Let’s start right from Italy. Who said that only girls can be influencers?

Mariano Di Vaio, the founder of the Nohow e-commerce, began his career as a model for luxury brands including Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci just to name a few.

Among the various awards, in 2018, Forbes places him in first place in the ranking of the most influential Under 30s in the world in the online clothing trade.

Alexa Chung


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Moving to neighbouring England, we meet Alexa Chung. She was a model and TV presenter, but now, also a designer and stylist.

It girl since the very beginning, Alexa Chung is known for her original and unique taste; a little preppy, a little Parisienne.

If you want a gritty, but not demanding style, she is the girl for you!

Jeanne Damas


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Speaking of Parisienne, we cannot fail to mention Jeanne Damas. Personifying the Parisian style, this entrepreneur and founder of Rouje Paris has the classic look of “beauty without commitment”.

On her Instagram profile, you can take inspiration for outfits suitable for every day, very feminine and sensual.

Olivia Palermo


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When it comes to fashion influencers, then we are talking about Olivia Palermo. American socialite, she looks like a living character from the show “Gossip Girl”: born in New York, precisely Upper East Side, always been an It girl.

After being noticed by a famous photographer, she also became a model. Today Olivia Palermo is also a brand with a collection that reflects the bon ton and chic style of Palermo itself.

Julie Sariñana


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Known for Sincerely Jules, her blog as well as a fashion line, Julie Sariñana is a beautiful Mexican influencer, moved to LA. Her blog has collaborated with Glamor, Elle, E! News.

The style of the Sariñana is very feminine, colourful and simple.

André Hamann

The next influencer comes from Germany. He was accidentally discovered by a talent scout while working in an H&M in Vienna.

André Hamann’s career now boasts collaborations with luxury brands such as Hugo Boss Underwear and Calvin Klein, Men’s Health, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Esquire and Vogue.

If you are looking for men’s fashion inspiration, he is the man for you. Bonus: he has a lovely dog.

Aimee Song


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Of Korean origin, then transplanted to LA. In 2008 she was a simple interior design student who decided to open a blog where she could merge her passion for architecture, fashion and photography. Each of her shots always contains an element of all three.

She created a jewellery line, Song of Style, and an apparel collection with her sister, Two Songs. She is a fashion ambassador for Chloé, Giorgio Armani Beauty, Dior and Revolve and she has worked with Laura Mercier.

Lena Perminova

Let’s radically change our style to talk about Russia. Lena Perminova: extreme luxury and bold sensuality.

In Russia there is no makeup-no-make up and beauty without commitment; the commitment is there and it must be seen.

In her personal account, she shares photos with her family, luxurious locations and awesome outfits. Among other things, Perminova founded the first global charity auction on Instagram.

If too much is never too much for you, she is the influencer for you!


No, you don’t see double! Representing Japan, we have these very famous twins: the Amiaya.

The sisters Ami and Aya are Model and DJ: they can be defined as pop icons in all respects. The couple is also currently the creative director of Japanese fashion brand Jouetie, a well-known fashion brand in Japan.

Aisha Mbikila

Could we have finished the article without the wonderful Brazil? Of course not! Representing this wonderful land we have Aisha Mbikila. Not just a model, this gorgeous woman is also a performer, producer, DJ, actor and recently nominated among Forbes Under ’30s most influential.

Mbikila’s style is like Brazil: full of life, proud, colorful and true.

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