Our Story

The 70-Year History of Fratelli Borgioli

Our History Begins


Fratelli Borgioli was founded in 1946 by two skillful footwear artisans René and Valerio Borgioli. In a small workshop near the picturesque Tuscan town of Vinci, the Borgioli brothers began crafting handmade shoes of excellent fit and quality.



In 1950, René and Valerio decided to hire other workers and moved to two rooms under their house and to a shed outside.


Further Growth


In the 1970s, it was decided to build a large shed near the house and to introduce the first push-pull.


The Factory


In the eighties, the second generation of the Borgioli family, Urbano and Alfredina Borgioli, boosted the family business by transforming the entire family house into a factory. Fratelli Borgioli became a well-established and reliable production company.


Shoe Fairs

In the 1980s we began attending the first sector fairs in Italy and towards the end of this decade we entered the European market, especially Switzerland, Austria and Germany.


50th Anniversary

In 1996, Fratelli Borgioli celebrated their 50th anniversary with their employees and customers in the open space of the shoe factory.


Investments In Style

The company invests in product research and development collaborating with stylists and pattern makers. These features make Borgioli famous in Italy and abroad as a valuable producer of made in Italy high quality shoes.


International Collaborations

Fratelli Borgioli sign further collaboration agreements with international fashion houses.


Third Generation of Borgioli Family

Fratelli Borgioli is now guided by the third generation who has managed to praize more than 70 years of experience and tradition in the field of luxury footwear production.


Participation at Pitti Uomo

pitti uomo

Fratelli Borgioli collections have been selected by the Pitti design committee. For more than 10 years, Borgioli has been presenting their seasonal collections at this important event in the world of men’s fashion.


The Showroom

Fratelli Borgioli launched a permanent exhibition in our showroom in Milan, Italy. The Borgioli showroom is situated in the trendy Brera design district and is open all year round.


70th Anniversary


Fratelli Borgioli celebrated their 70th anniversary under the motto: “From Passion to Excellence”. The third generation of company founders, Giacomo Fioravanti and Soriano Borgioli announced the building of a new production facility in Lamporecchio (Pistoia).


New Production Premises

Fratelli Borgioli moved to a new production premises. The front part of the building recalls the volumes of the old family house, highlighting the strong connection between traditions and new quality and production standards.


Casa Borgioli – direct store

Fratelli Borgioli launch their new shop in Vinci and the online store.