Our Tuscany

Quality, Tradition, Excellence


Our company was founded in the town of Vinci (FI), and our headquarters are based here.

The city is famous all over the world for being the birthplace of Renaissance polymath Leonardo da Vinci.

Our factory lies in the city of Lamporecchio in the Province of Pistoia.


Fratelli Borgioli shares a deep bond with its territory and this has a great impact on our production.

During the centuries, Tuscany has developed a great traditon of premium
handmade leather production: our company is proudly part of this community and carries on techniques and values handed down by our ancestors.


Thanks to its location, our company has the opportunity to get access to top quality materials and locally-sourced leather within a 30 km radius of Lamporecchio.

We personally know all our suppliers. Most of them are family businesses that, just like our company, have been handed down for generations and they’ve been working with us for decades.

What’s more, Tuscany has a great tradition of leather craftsmen and artisans: all our employees share the
same values, skills and techniques that have been handed down over the centuries by the greatest leather artisans of the past.