A photo shoot may seem an easy thing but there is always so much effort. Get behind the scenes of the latest Fratelli Borgioli photo shoot!

On Feb. 11th, 2021 an extraordinary sun over the city of Milan, Italy accompanied our shooting day for the spring/summer 2021 collection of the Fratelli Borgioli shoes and the new SEISHOU shoes designed by Ikeda & Matsuzaki for Fratelli Borgioli.

From the outside you cannot imagine how much work there is behind a photo shoot but there are so many things to do.

The photo shoot was led by the photographer Paolo Bona, who has worked with several luxury brands and photo agencies including Thomson Reuters, and the Shoe Designer Yuko Matsuzaki of the design studio Ikeda & Matsuzaki.

The days before the photo shoot, Paolo and Yuko carried out an inspection of the fascinating 5 Stars hotel VIU in Milan and of surrounding streets to find out the best spots to shoot.

Then they organized the sequence of the shoes to photograph, the outfit of the model and many more details.

Everything in a photo shoot for a luxury products such as the Fratelli Borgioli shoes must be indeed perfect and flawless: the shots, the lights, the outfits, the poses, the location. There is really a lot of work to do and it has to be well defined and organized.

The day has come and the shooting day started. In the early morning, thanks to the beautiful light that accompanied us, we started taking the pictures in the hotel suite.

We obviously did not miss exploiting the balcony of the room that overlooks the beautiful skyline of Milan.

The great work of the photographers was essential to achieve high quality shots and videos. After positioning all of their tools, their aim was to take the best shot for each pair of shoes.

After placing 3 flash lights (2 AD 400 Pro + 1 AD 200) to illuminate the set, the photographer started using his Nikon D850.

He has always chosen Nikon for its reliability and robustness and also for the file of this camera which is very well defined, and if necessary allows a wide range of processing.

For the choice of lenses, however, the photographer explained to us that:

“For this work I preferred the Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 and Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 fixed lenses, for some shots I relied on the Nikkor 24/0mm f/2.8 and 70/200mm f/2.8 zoom lenses. “

We moved in the Hotel’s gym and Spa to take pictures of the shoes with a sporty design.

The hotel, which hosts Morelli Restaurant and Bulk Mixology Bar led by the Michelin-starred Chef Giancarlo Morelli, provided us with truly exclusive locations to carry out the photo shoot, from the luxury suite with a breathtaking view to the sunny terrace with a swimming pool.

From there, we could admire the city of Milan and also the snow-capped Alps mountains not too far from the city.

Given the beautiful light of the day, the photographers thought about moving outdoors.

Via Paolo Sarpi, the heart of China Town, was the first outdoor location for the photos of our shoes. Then, we arrived at Parco Sempione which, in all its green under the rays of the sun, gave us a glimpse of spring.

We came back to the hotel for the remaining shoes. The modern, elegant and refined design of all the spaces of the hotel was the final backdrop. The sunset from the eighth floor of the hotel, with the view on the three CityLife towers, on the award-winning piazza Gae Aulenti and on the Monumental Cemetery was a really nice way to finish the shooting.

For the shooting to run smoothly, cooperation and help between photographers, the stylist Yuko Matsuzaki and the staff of Farrelly-Caizzone & Associates, the consulting agency which has been working in the last year on the relaunch of the Borgioli brand, were necessary.

The collection

For this Spring/Summer season Fratelli Borgioli presents a perfect mix of technical know how and craftsmanship, in light materials and bright colours.

The novelty of this season is the shoes in thin calf skin leather with ornamental design under the skin. The handmade patina permits to create unique shadings of colours like stone grey or sand beige.

Loafers in goat suede with manual threadings and hand woven tassels are light and flexible thanks to usage of soft leather soles. For a very fashionable look.

Apart fashion styles Fratelli Borgioli offers a wide range of loafers and moccasins in suede and leather with extra light soles. The absolute novelty of the collection is Glove construction. A completely unlined shoe that embraces your feet as if you were wearing a pair of gloves. The best choice to stay classy during summer heat.

At the end of the day the tiredness was great but we managed to finish all the shots and the new collection is ready to be edited to be uploaded to the website.

Soon available on our shop!