We proudly announce that Fratelli Borgioli have been featured among the best artisans in Tuscany on the “Artigiani di Toscana” guide published today by La Repubblica.

Artigiani di Toscana, the new volume of “Le guide di Repubblica” focusing on the artisan realities of the Tuscany region, is out on the newsstand. Among the 117 artisan shops examined to discover their history, curiosities and advice, Fratelli Borgioli has been mentioned too.

We are very proud that Giuseppe Cerasa, director of “Le guide di Repubblica”, with Tuscany Region and the Tuscany Tourism Promotion agency have included us in this volume, which aims at being a key tool in promoting Tuscany and all its excellencies.

The volume tells the story of the 117 artisan realities scattered throughout Tuscany. Not only that: information on products, timetables, workshops and guided tours are also provided.

Tuscany is the top region for craftsmanship and it’s around its villages that “Le guide di Repubblica” have traced itineraries to discover historic artistic realities that still live today.

The artisans in the guide are divided into three macro-areas: artistic crafts, furnishing accessories and fashion. In the pages dedicated to each artisan, the guide also provides useful suggestions on local activities, accommodation and restaurants .

We all have, when thinking of Tuscany, a precise image in mind: a landscape, a shade of colors, a monument, a flavor, an object. Everything tells about history, tradition, uniqueness. Craftsmanship, when we think about it, crosses all of these.

Leonardo Marras, Tuscany Region, Productive Activities and Tourism Councilor

Craftsmanship is certainly one of the strengths of Tuscany. The regional authorities have invested heavily in the knowledge and training of young people to drive interest in traditional crafts and grow cross-generational learning.

With this guide, Tuscany wants craftsmanship to be the reason behind a trip to the region. Visiting the featured artisan shops is a real tourist experience which allows to explore the cultural identity of the region in depth.

The places of Tuscany indeed hide worlds, cultures, intangible values, production capacities that go beyond the classic tourist destination. The visitor can completely discover the value of this region through participation in the artistic and craft traditions.

The history, the art that have been handed down for generations, the details and the traditions make Tuscany unique in addition to its territory.

The purpose of the guide is to make everybody know the extraordinary world around the best artisans of Tuscany, knowledge of this reality can be one of the reasons people travel in 2021.

The “Artigiani di Toscana” guide is available from December 22nd, 2020, in newsstands, bookshops, Amazon, IBS and the official store.