Fashion never stops: here are 5 men’s shoe trends for Spring Summer 2021 we got from the most recent international fashion weeks.

Coronavirus global pandemic deeply affected world’s economy and businesses, but it didn’t affect the creativity and inspiration of shoe fashion designers all over the world for the upcoming season.

Here are the spring/summer 2021 footwear trends that you need to know!

In mens’ wardrobe, shoes always play a key role: whether you want to stand out or just keep up with latest fashion trends, it’s always useful to know in advantage upcoming styles and new designs, especially when it comes down to shoes.

Your footwear lets you communicate your style and your individuality better than almost anything else in your wardrobe: in order to help you here are the new spring summer 2021 men’s shoe trends.

Eco Constructions

Preserve and protect the environment and the ecosystem in which we live in is one of the main tasks for the years to come: fashion companies are definetely aware of this and in recent years we’ve seen a lot of popular brands trying to include in their collections always new and more efficient eco-friendly elements.

For spring/summer 2021 footwear collections there’s a common trend which involves artisanal techniques with eco-conscious fabrications: eco-friendliness has become trendy!

The Return Of The Boat Shoe

Let’s face it: boat shoes haven’t been cool for some time. For most part of the 2000s they’ve been labeled as an accessory meant to only be worn by retired white collars and old golf clubs goers.

One of the most certain things about fashion is the endless cycle of things coming back and boat shoes are now enjoying a renaissance. This summer you’re more likely to see them on your city streets than the deck of a yacht.

Chunky (And Comfy) Gum Soles

Chunky sneakers, also known as “dad sneakers”, are a hot fashion item right now which comes from last year fashion shows: we expect that this year this trend will definetely explode.

Whether you love or hate them, chunky sneakers can actually be pretty easy to style: you can easily add a street-style element to any kind of your outfit.

This year, chunky soles sneakers and shoes will evelve furhter, adding intricate mouldings and vibrant colour inserts whilst sole constructions are echoed in layered, panelled uppers and complementary trims.

Skate Shoes Everywhere

Skating fashion-style is no longer popular only among kids: in recent years we’ve seen casual fashion items slowly sneek in formal occasions, like hoodies at the office and formal outfits matched with colorful sneakers.

Skating shoes never get old, thanks to iconic brands like Vans and Converse who managed to keep up with modern fashion without quitting their traditional and unique style: you will definetely need to have one pair of skate shoes in your wardrobe ready for the upcoming summer.

Slippers And Sliders

For years, slider were most famously worn by dads with socks in summer for a trip down to the supermarket: last year they were the most iconic men’s shoe trend of the summer and we expect that this summer is gonna be the same.

Sliders and slippers have become must have shoes in a man’s wardrobe: they combine a unique look with comfort and ease. High end brands, like Gucci, launched these shoes back in 2017 as a quite fancy accessory for men, meant to be worn in formal occasions. Nowadays things has changed: you’re going to see a lot of these at your frineds’ feets this summer!

Did the men’s shoe trends for Spring Summer 2021 inspire you?

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