Are you dreaming of studying fashion? Read our article and discover the best fashion schools in Italy!

In this article you can find a list of the best fashion schools in Italy.

Italy is worldwide recognized as the homeland of fashion. From the design to the styling, “il Bel Paese” is renowned for its traditions, elegance and care for details, when it comes to fashion. Therefore, every year thousands of people decide to study fashion in our beloved country.

Here are all the details of the top fashion schools in Italy, which include a wide choice of courses and specializations.

We’ve listed here private and public schools, which offer bachelor’s or master’s degrees. Hence, a high-school diploma is required to apply.

ACCADEMIA costume & moda

Accademia Costume & Moda Website

Experimentation and culture are the main characteristics of this school. Founded in 1964, it’s the only italian school who has been awarded the LVMH Graduate Prize.

  • Bachelor degrees: Costume and Fashion; Fashion Communication: Fashion Editor, Styling and Communication; Fashion Design Management
  • Master degrees: Accessories Design; Costume Design; Creative Knitwear Design; Haute Couture and Fashion Design; Fabrics Innovation Design; Fashion Communication and Art Direction; Fashion Jewelry; Fashion Sustainability and Industry
  • Where: Rome, Milan

accademia di belle arti di bologna

Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna Website

This renowned academy ensures a high qualified artistic education.

  • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Design
  • Master degrees: Fashion Design
  • Where: Bologna


Accademia di Belle Arti di Frosinone Website

The two courses offered in the fashion area aim at creating excellent professional clothing and accessories designers.

  • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Design
  • Master degrees: Fashion Design
  • Where: Frosinone

accademia di brera

Accademia di Brera Website

Accademia di Brera defines itself as a school with a universal identity that has never been betrayed. The academic path offered is described as an artistic and human path that leads far beyond a degree.

  • Master degrees: Fashion Design


Accademia Italiana Website

Since 1984, this renowned academy offers prestigious fashion, design and photography courses.

  • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Design
  • Master degrees: Fashion and Textile Design; Fashion Design and Management
  • Where: Florence and Rome


Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna Website

Founded in the XI century, the University of Bologna is considered the most ancient university in the western emisphere. The strengh of its traditions attract almost ninety-thousand students every year.

  • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Cultures and Practices
  • Master degrees: Fashion Studies
  • Where: Rimini


Domus Academy Website

Founded in 1982, it’s the first post-graduate design school in Italy, characterized by its visionary innovation.

  • Master degrees: Fashion Design; Fashion Management; Fashion Styling and Visual Merchandising; Luxury Brand Management
  • Where: Milan


IED Website

Founded in 1966, IED is an italian school with an international soul, based on the “culture of project”. Its courses, focused on the fields of design, fashion, visual arts and communication, are offered in three different countries: Italy, Spain, Brasil.

  • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Design; Fashion Marketing; Fashion Stylist and Editor; Fashion Stylist and Communication; Jewelry Design; Fashion Textile Design
  • Master degrees: Communication for Marketing and Fashion, Fashion Business, Fashion Communication and Styling, Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, Jewelry Design, Textiles
  • Where: Milan, Cagliari, Como, Florence, Rome, Venice, Turin; abroad: Barcelona, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro

istituto marangoni

Istituto Marangoni Website

Since 1935, Istituto Marangoni is based on prestigious locations, highly qualified teachers, international ethos and italian style. The Fashion School offers a wide choice of courses in the areas of design, styling and business.

  • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Business; Fashion Business & Buying; Fashion Business Communication & Media; Fashion Business Digital Communication & Media; Fashion Design; Fashion Design & Accessories; Fashion Design & Marketing; Fashion Styling & Creative Direction; Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising
  • Master degrees: Fashion Art & Textile Innovation; Fashion Buying & Merchandising / Contemporary Fashion Buying; Fashion Business & Digital Marketing; Fashion Business & Entrepreneurship; Fashion Design Menswear, Fashion Design Womenswear; Fashion Design & Activewear; Fashion Design Collection & Marketing; Fashion e-business and Digital Transformation; Fashion & Luxury Brand Management; Fashion Omnichannel & E-Commerce; Fashion Product Management; Fashion Promotion Communication & Media; Fashion Promotion Communication & Digital Media; Luxury Accessories Design & Management
  • Where: Milan, Florence; abroad: Paris, London, Mumbai, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Miami

istituto modartech

Istituto Modartech Website

A complete training and a laboratorial approach characterize the academic path of the students of this renowned fashion school.

  • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Design
  • Master degrees: Fashion Design Job Master, Footwear And Bag Design Job Master
  • Where: Pontedera

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Istituto Secoli Website

Among the best fashion schools in Italy, there is also Istituto Secoli. “Creativity in the clothing industry is expressed by means of the garment” is the motto of this fashion school, which starts from the concept of prêt-à-porter to reach its tangible form.

  • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Design And Techologies / Women’s wear; Fashion Design and Technologies / Menswear;
  • Master degrees: High Fashion and Bridal Wear; Knitwear Technologies; Patternmaking Women’s Wear; Patternmaking Menswear; Sartorial Menswear
  • Where: Milan; abroad: Guangzhou (Cina)


IUAD Website

Also named Accademia della Moda, IUAD stands out for its creative and cooperative soul.

  • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Design; Fashion Design: Fashion Business & Management
  • Master degrees: Accessories Design; Technical Design for Fashion
  • Where: Naples, Milan


IUAV Website

The purpose of the fashion school of this university is to reach exellence through originality.

  • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Design and Multimedial Arts
  • Master degrees: Visual Arts and Fashion
  • Where: Venice

LABA: libera accademia di belle arti

LABA Website

Since 1999, LABA aims at creating the most creative professionals of the future.

  • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Design
  • Master degrees: Fashion Design and Research
  • Where: Brescia

moodart fashion school

Moodart Fashion School Website

Moodart is highly specialized in fashion communication, where continuous training and learing are encouraged by skilled professionals.

  • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Communication, Brand & Events; Fashion Photography & Creative Content Creator; Fashion Styling & Editor; Fashion Visual Merchandising & Store Design
  • Master degrees: Fashion Communication & Events; Fashion Communication & Social Media; Fashion Make Up; Fashion Photography & Video; Fashion Styling and Art Direction; Visual Merchandising & Retail Experience

naba: nuova accademia di belle arti

NABA Website

Naba aims at offering new visions and more flexibility in the fashion academic field, evolving towards the future and its necessities.

  • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Design;
  • Master degrees: Fashion Design; Textile Design
  • Where: Milan, Rome


Polimoda Website

Polimoda is one of the best fashion schools in Italy. Its main values are heritage, research and creativity. Since 2006, Ferruccio Ferragamo is the new president of the school.

  • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Accessories Design; Fashion Art Direction; Fashion Business; Fashion Design; Fashion Marketing Management; Fashion Styling; Fashion Technology
  • Master degrees: Bag Design; Collection Design; Creative Direction; Fashion Art Direction; Fashion Brand Management; Fashion Critique; Fashion Design; Fashion Marketing & Communications; Fashion Merchandising & Buying; Fashion Retail Management; Fashion Styling; Fashion Trends Forecasting; International Fashion Business; Knitwear Design; Luxury Business; Product Management; Shoe Design; Sustainable Fashion
  • Where: Florence

politecnico di milano

Politecnico di Milano Website

Founded in 1863, Politecnico di Milano is ranked #5 among the best “Art & Design” universities in the world, according to QS World University Rankings.

  • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Design
  • Master degrees: Design for the Fashion System
  • Where: Milan

rcs academy business school

Rcs Academy Website

RCS Academy is a business school whose goal, in the fashion field, is to create the best professionals when it comes to luxury and fashion management.

  • Master degrees: Fashion And Luxury Management
  • Where: Milan

universita’ degli studi di firenze

Università degli Studi di Firenze Website

The University of Florence is one of the oldest and most renowned italian public universities and has a strong international vocation.

  • Master degrees: Fashion System Design
  • Where: Florence


Università degli Studi di Milano Website

When it comes to the fashion area, Università degli Studi di Milano offers a master degree in the communication field, with the opportunity to specialize your studies in fashion.

  • Master degrees: Publishing and Communication, Fashion Cultures
  • Where: Milan

universita’ degli studi della campania luigi vanvitelli

Università degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli Website

The fashion school aims at promoting the innovative side and creativity of each student.

  • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Design
  • Where: Aversa

universita’ di roma la sapienza

Università di Roma La Sapienza Website

La Sapienza, with more than 100,000 students, is the biggest university in Italy, and also one of the most ancient.

  • Bachelor degrees: Fashion Studies
  • Master degrees: Fashion Studies; Fashion Theories And Strategies
  • Where: Rome

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