Discover Virtual Destination Italy, a digital platform that aims letting the tourist enjoy the italian cultural and artistic heritage in an innovative way.

Virtual Destination Italy (VDI), an interactive app available on iOS and Android, allows users to enjoy the beauty and attractions of Unesco site Val D’Orcia, in Tuscany via storytelling by a virtual guide.

Users can choose their own itinerary and points of interest, and the virtual guide specific to the location of the user narrates and accompanies them throughout their journey.

The Virtual Destination Italy (VDI) project has been developed by ETT and SpaceSpa, in collaboration with PWC and supported by Terre di Siena Lab. In addition to the app, it also includes the Virtual Destination Tour website.

The first location to be featured was the Val D’Orcia, an Unesco Heritage Site which happens to be in Tuscany, the region where Fratelli Borgioli was born.

A Living Memory

Have you ever heard of the Grand Tour? In the 17th century, many intellectuals, members of the aristocracy and artists started travelling around Continental Europe as part of their formation and education.

Their trip included different stops: here is where the name “Grand Tour” comes from.

Virtual Destination Italy guides the user through the memories and storytelling of the great personalities of history and literature that back in their days went on this kind of trip in Italy.

For example, Leonardo Da Vinci’s avatar will show the user some places he’s bonded to. How is this possible?

Well, contents are published in augmented reality, in the form of 3D reconstructions, immersive videos and serious games.

Next to the more common audio guides and images, this type of content makes the discovery of the Bel Paese a unique experience.

Tuscany First

It could be a good idea downloading it if you are planning to visit Tuscany…let’s find out why.

After 2 years of historical research and code writing, the pilot project was lauched this summer. The first path developed by the platform has 12 thematic routes in the five villages of Val D’Orcia, in Tuscany.

We can explore Montalcino, Pienza, Radicofani, San Quirico d’Orcia and Castiglione d’Orcia. Maybe these names don’t sound familiar but we think it’s worth including them in your itinerary.

Each route includes visits to castles, gardens, natural reserves, spas, museums and more. In addition, there are suggestions about restaurants and events.

Tuscany is where Fratelli Borgioli was born, and we are proud our region was the first one to be promoted. Surely using this app is an interesting way to discover a new destination.

What’s next? Expanding the Virtual Destination Italy (VDI) project to tell the story of all the Grand Tour stops of Italy, from Alps to Sicily.